If you aren’t sure who you can trust…

If you aren’t sure who you can trust in the conspiracy community, just read Former White Hats blog.  Whoever he is currently demonizing is surely someone whose intentions are to make the world a better place.

His strategy is to toss in horrible made-up characters like Rakemeister, the Mantis Casbtoid as well as already known-to-be terrors such as the Pope, Crowley etc, in attempt to credit himself as boldly and bravely fighting against and uncovering the dark-side!

Recently he has chosen to demonized:

Anthony Sanchez whom he refers to as the all original Dirty Sanchez, Anthony’s response was humorous.  It seems former white hat and the gang are losing what little power they had.

He also likes to create distrust and confusion for the readers of the community, which incidently has lost it’s umph and his followers are now made up of readers that mostly just follow for entertainment.

He attempts to discredit leaders of conspiracy topics as having been cloned.  The cloning topic is his little weapon of many uses.  In this case, once cloned they can no longer be trusted because his blogs mantra is Accept No Clones!  

These are leaders in the community that he claims have been recently cloned:

Gordon Duff, David Wilcock, Michael Hemmingson, Rebecca Jernigen, Douglas Dietrich, Stephen Kelley, Stan Dayo, and Bill O’Reilly.

He also mixes things up.  Always be on the look out for attempts to confuse in all situations and cases, from galactic wars to family feuding, this the biggest source for evil to work it’s harm!!

A blog example: Michael Hemmingson appears to have been discovered as being one of the Brethern of the White Robes, according to the poor kid who was being programmed and harrassed by fwh  recently and then suddenly out of no where just died.  The link to his funeral service has disappeared off of FWH’s bragging music video post where his followers commented about it with no sympathy.

I had tried to reach out to this poor kid but he appeared to already be deep into influence and programmed not to trust anyone/me.

One of the tools that was persistent when I went through this crazy stuff, was to absolutely, through confusion, create paranoia and also to illiminate and sabotage all support, –unless it pulls you deeper into the programming or gets you on meds where you then become disabled and harmless to uncovering truth.   I have a load of emails from FWH I can share with you on another post where he attempts to “save me” by attempting to pull me deeper into beliefs and giving more power to this nonsense.

For now –remember, confusion is a much used tool!


Clones and more Clones

imagesHas no one noticed that everytime the Brethern or FWH do something naughty they blame it on their “clones”.

And have you noticed any one who gets close to ratting them out on anything, suddenly Is or Has a Clone.

sure… clever… lol –not

didn’t these guys grow up with siblings, I mean –come on!! That is like the oldest childhood trick in the book!

Pretending to be an Angel is one thing, …but…worse

  • Pretending to be an Angel is ridiculous and egoistic enough!!  But pretending to be someones twin flame, soul-mate, soul-half, soul partner etc –is mighty cruel and thats how these guys get off (and I mean literally).  This is just one of the tactics that these “Brethren of the White Robes” are guided to do to entertain their screwed-up spirit “guides” who are malevolent beings that enjoy drawing their power from disempowering, confusing, hurting and using women.

These beings are certainly entertained when the “Brethren” astrally “abduct” women and do all kinds of disturbing things that you would go to jail for if you did them in physical reality.  As Clare, I can’t even tell you how many mornings I woke up to a _____ in my mouth…sorry can’t talk about it  –too embarrassing and quite frankly, there isn’t support or ears for these things, –or rapes, etc, why would their be for the inter-dimensional realms?

What is the one thing that every woman wants?  Well a woman who is still at least somewhat not ruined by bad experiences with men but is still open and feminine –what do they want?  LOVE, to be love, to share love, to offer love, to have love, to partake in a union of love -with a partner that meets her highest self in it’s greatest form.  The number one hook for women.

Well…I bet there are at least five, if not more, women, that thought fwh was writing about them. Former white hat created this blog about his so-called Counterpart.  His spirit guides (who are sociopathic beings) gave him all the tools, tips and tid-bits by spying and watching several certain women, to lure them into thinking “omg, it’s me, I’m his counterpart, I’m his twin-flame!”.  Sad!  But worse, it’s enough to make any woman give up on the idea of a soul-union relationship, completely.

The syncronicties he writes about (thanks to his icky, so-called “guides”) and puts into that blog, do make it seem nearly magical, and for multiple women!  Thats the hook –the syncronicities!

It’s the synchronicity that would make an otherwise emotionally healthy, discerning women, suddenly fall for this racket in the new-age realm.   I never knew there were beings manipulating realities and creating synchronicity to fool me, did you?  I sure know that now!

And what is with the fascination of having multiple women!?  How stupid are these men (and spirits) haven’t they noticed how difficult it is to keep ONE women happy –why they are so enamored with the idea of multiple women seems like more of a Darwin Award to me!  Definitely there is a reason multiple wives and harems etc. did not survive modern culture.  And my guess is it was towards smart-brain thinking and less desperate.  But ok have your Harem of the White Robes, haha, and good luck! konu_buyuk_1



Meanwhile, back to the counterpart hook.   While several women are hoping and suffering, worried that their poor dear male-soul-counterpart, super-soldier or whatever he is, can’t help his terrible programmed behavior, is wanted by head-hunters, has a million dollar price on his head etc, and all this explains why they can’t be together –all the while astrally continues being loving and …molesting (? ) through his creepy guides.   Their pain is precisely what gets his icky, awful guides off! As a side-note those beings, wow –they must have been total failures/losers in past lives with women.  They probably had multiple wives and couldn’t make ANY of them happy!  Sad.

I’m about as vengful as a puppy, in normal life; this is about awareness.  No one likes to talk about it, but you can follow his blog from the beginning and read/see all the women that follow and trickle off, miserable after some time.  Like how about that profile –sweet Bella-Love, mmm?  She was his biggest fan, then one day after being programmed by his horrible reality blog, she says her whole life “feels hopeless” –suddenly stunned and depressed.  She went from being a light-worker of the highest, to suicidal!!

Sad, and she had just had a baby too…I hated watching it unfold it was like watching myself and how I was before.

A loss of innocence and trust makes an edgy sharp female, and let me share what you should already know and that is that it’s not nearly as fun to be one, nor is it as fun to be with one.  But sadly, assholes come along everyday and harden women’s souls.

And then there are the obvious women who were completely fucked with (literally), like Sara Stanga, she gets no support, all support was cut-off and even to the point that she couldn’t get through customs to the U.S. to her support group.  The reason she was coming was to get word out –yet she was totally gang-stalked/stopped in her tracks and FWH brags about it on his blog!  He has been harrassing her for over a year on his blog, so probably three years or more overall.   His last post about her is to get her to give up, it is thought/programming suggestive.  This is a big part of the manipulation.  If weird shit was happening to you every day.  Then someone came along and told you you were buried in an underground base.  You are already confused, hopeless and tormented, what might you think or do…. you see that’s how it works for them.  Fear.  Suggestive.  Programming.  Bye bye.  And these people are cut-off from the world because they WON’T buy into the programming.  They become total targets to keep silent.  I know, I was one.

What is also worth noting is how he/they could turn women against other women.  I personally approached Anya Briggs last year, with questions about contacting James Casbot because I was trying to piece together information.  She surprised me by being snarly and jealous (?) coming at me like a cat and added things to her blog that were seemingly meant for me that were condescending. Then fwh ganged up with her and said gross things to me in an email, also the abduction stuff increased in a disturbing way, and yet –neither of them knew me, or at least –I didn’t know them, at least so I thought!  He (and his icky guides) must have decided they had to choose one of us,  I was the less-likely one to co-operate and was not staying in the game (for the tenth time!).  One of us had to go, because our merging contact would otherwise eliminate the power of fwh and the Brethern boys with their little games.  Sad though, I think Anya is still hoping “he’s the one” she still posts music for the “twinned” and songs about meeting in the astral realm and so on.  Sad.  Just sad.  Yet she has choosen to  keep the identity, that is what serves her.  This is what it’s all about, it is a choice, the pressure is strong, the hooks are clever.  You have to keep investigating until the little weak wizard is seen with his insecure balls, behind the curtain.

So in a recent post James Casbolt/Michael Prince for FWH brags in a comment reply about how astrally abducting and “fisting” a women, something fwh speaks of often.  He writes about it like he was going to the grocery store–and I guess I just don’t get it, that is OK??!  He says: “My connection is her ass, my fist!” MP

This is our super soldier!  wow!?… what a savior, I guess the Jesus days were for naught and this is the real deal!
OK then, whoever thinks that is “normal” (and their are a bunch of followers that laugh along) should go live in the middle east and have your ten women for wives that you can abuse whenever you feel insecure. See how you like power over your Burka wearing women.  Have fun but do watch out, they will indeed castrate you whenever they have a chance, as they should!

Yet still ….I’m amazed! –fwh has followers who think he is just funny as heck, and the cats-meow for saving the world. (shakes head, …doesn’t understand…)

Healing Hitler

images-1Can you imagine that women would actually feel “sorry” for a guy who tormented and treated them terribly and thought that by applying the old “love is everything”, and that sort of idea that something good would come of it.  Hah!  Former White Hat and the Brethren boys string along women and destroy whoever they can.  I think they get more “points” meaning “power” from their bad-god if they can drive a women low enough to take their own life.

A sociopath doesn’t have a sudden moment of regret and say “oops sorry!”.  So why would a super-soldier who is linked to the energies of a hive-psychopath entity?

Are the Brethern of the White Robe showing who they really are on this  blog. ?!

How would you “heal” Hitler.  Would you look at him in the eyes and send him love and visualize his heart opening?  Seriously?!

Does Former White Hat Post Confessions?

I have not seen a confession yet by the Former White Hat.  Have you?  white-hat-seo

I do see plenty of posts portraying the crazy people to be hero’s such as all the super-soldiers which have been given that “identity of status” in exchange to stay in the “Program”.

I also see plenty of extremely creative posts portraying courageous and good people as working for the cabal.

I also see posts that attempt to create confusion which stirs up more programming in duality.

I also see posts that placate those who are in a position that can still be used.

Once you reject former white hats you can expect to be tagged as working for the cabal or something thereof.

The only Confessions you can expect to read are from his/their victims.